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averting harmful gossip

averting harmful gossip

Each year in February the Romans celebrated the Day of Tacita (February 20), the silent Goddess who averted harmful gossip. Since malicious, negative gossip can destroy careers, marriages, and lives, one should consider petitioning Tacita for protection from such harm and ask her to help you avoid causing such harm to others.

You will need:
three candles (a black, a magenta, and a green) and holders for your altar.

a knife or pin

success incense, or wisteria or heliotrope.

patchouli, mint, and rose oils.

If you are dealing with a specific gossiping person, carve his or her name in the black candle with a knife. If you don't know a name, carve "all gossip."
Anoint the black candle from the end to the wick with patchouli oil. While anointing it, concentrate on the removal of all damaging gossip from your life. Don't specify how this is to be done, but place your trust in the Goddess and God for the correct solution. Place the black candle in the holder in the centre of your altar.

Anoint the magenta and green candles from the wick to the end with mint and/or rose oil. If you like, you could use rose on the magenta candle and mint on the green one. While anointing them, concentrate on positive energies coming into your life.

Place these candles on your altar, the magenta to the left of the black candle, the green to the right.

Spend a few moments breathing in white light and expelling darkness with each breath. Hold the palms of your hands toward the candles and chant:

Gossip does not harm or bind me. Evil words come not near me. I am light. I am truth. I am love.

Repeat these words nine times. Feel their positive meaning sink into your subconscious mind. Know that you are building a shield of protection around you, a shield built out of positive energy so strong that negatives can't get through.

Leave the candles in a safe place to burn out. Dispose of the wax.

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