Saturday, January 10, 2009

vegggies and magical uses ***

Asparagus ~ male sex magick, celebrating the mysteries of Demeter/Ceres

Avocado ~ beauty spells, love spells, sex magick

Beans ~ reconciliation, protection, exorcism, resurrection and celebrating the mysteries. symbolizes the spiral dance of immortality. red beans for good luck and throw black beans at ghosts to drive them away. beans that bloom with white flowers are sacred to the white Goddess

Beets ~ love spells. Red beets for the planet Saturn and white beets for the planet Jupiter

Cabbage ~ fertility, profit, good luck, money spells, lunar magick. planet is the moon

Caper ~ good luck and male sex magick. planet Mars

Carrot ~ lust, fertility. planet is Mercury

Celery ~ psychic power, male potency and fertility. with chamomile and rosemary for mental steadiness in psychic work. planet is Mercury

Corn ~ protection, divination, good luck

Cucumber ~ fertility, healing, lunar magick. planet is the moon.

Endive ~ love spells, sex magick

Fennel ~ victory, eloquence, clear vision, healing, purification and protection.

Garden Cress ~ sex magick, encourage desire, stability, power

Leek ~ protection, love spells, strengthen love

Lettuce ~ divination, fertility, sleep, protection, lunar magick, love spells, male sex magick

Olives ~ peace, fertility, healing, protection, sex magick

Onions ~ protection, exocism, healing, prophetic dreams, attracts and absorbs negative energy

Parsnip ~ male sex magick

Peas ~ money and love spells

Hot Peppers and Peppers ~ fidelity, breaking hexes, heating up sex life, charms against spells

Potato ~ healing, image magick, making poppets, benevolence

Pumpkin ~ lunar magick, fertility, growth, protection, birth, life

Turnip ~ protection, end a relationship

Flour ~ fertility, invocations

Honey ~ solar magick, attraction, love and beauty spells

Horseradish ~ exocism, purification, spice up love life ot current relationship

Maple Syrup ~ long life, love and money spells

Mustard ~ protection, mental powers, accepting something that is hard to take

Nuts ~ wisdom, seed of life, breaking spells

Oatmeal ~ clarity, binding, harvest

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