Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Spell to Protect Home and Possessions ***

A Spell to Protect Home and Possessions
You will need:

Perform this spell during a Waxing Moon.
Put some sage in your incense burner (censer). Walk around your home with the censer. Circle your home three times (always clockwise), then in each room of the house. Pay special attention to doors and windows and let the the smoke filter into the crevices and openings.
As you walk, recite a prayer you improvise, or write one ahead of time. Say or write what you feel. This has to come from deep inside you. It does not have to rhyme, nor be a great piece of literature.

An example would be
I invoke the Goddess of Protection,I invoke my ancestor's spirits. Three times around, three times about The world within, the world without.In home and possessions, may good spirits aboundEvil and problems will not stay around.

Ring the bell each time a circle is completed. When you are finished inside and out, place the incense in the doorway. Open all doors for a few minutes and let the smoke drift through your home, washing it clean.

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