Friday, January 9, 2009

stop wagging tongue

1 piece of cloth (use any cloth as long as the color is solid. Go with a color that is soothing to you)
2 strands of embroidery floss one gold, one purple
1 tablespoon slippery elm
small box
-cut out a small poppet
-use the gold thread to sew the edges of the poppet
-cut a small slit where the mouth would be
-put the slippery elm into the mouth (do not worry if the slippery elm falls down into the poppet)
-use the purple thread to stitch the mouth closed
-as you stitch recite the following:
Your mouth is closed to speaking ill
No gossip, slander, or havoc to trill
Your mouth stays shut but only 'till
You speak of friendship and goodwill
This is sent to you from me
As I will so mote it be
-Place the poppet into the box with the mouth facing the corner, stuff the box with the paper so that the poppet stays in the corner.
The significance of the corner is that it will deter the offender from the urge to gossip. The spell is a white spell (the only I will use) so there's no karmic repercussions. You're asking for the urge to gossip to be dispelled and for the offender to speak only good.

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